patricia (el_mihoshi) wrote in mystic_reviews,

Welcome everyone!

Welcome to Mystic Reviews!
I am Kakyuu, the mod and creator, of this idea, and I would like to welcome you to this community! I'd like to thank you for visiting and hope our information will give you the upperhand on what the mangas and animes are really about before purchasing!

If you are interested in joining, please post here first, then join. Then it will be processed, and you'll probably get accepted.

The basic format of your review should look like this;

Name of Manga[volume or series] or Anime [episode or series]
Author or Creator
Plot of the story
Reviewer Name - either pen or real name
A review in paragrahs
Then your rating system

Please, if you're joining; read the rules on the userinfo page. Thanks again for checking out Mystic Reviews! ^_^

- Kakyuu

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