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Blue Inferior [manga series]

Manga Name: Blue Inferior [series]
Author: Kyoko Shitou
Plot: This manga is set in a time where the Earth was destroyed my pollution. Only a few places, "The Blessed Lands", exsist. The other parts of Earth are polluted deserts where only Sub-Humans live. With poison in their veins, the Sub-Humans pollute the earth even more. The struggle to get the Blessed Lands is an everyday task for the Sub-Humans. A 14 year old boy, Kazuya, lives in one of the few blessed lands, Liber. His parents work for the head of Liber, but have not been back for 5 years. Kazuya is a very energetic and loves the sea, and even some of the girls in Liber call him 'Fish Boy'. When Kazuya was on the coast with his teacher, fixing his boat, he spots a girl washed up on the beach. With a pulse and no sign of water in her lungs, Kazuya helps Marine, the girl, and she awakens. This is where the adventure begins. Questions arise in the town about if she is a Sub-Human or not. She tries to remember her past, but only a faint voice of her mother haunts her hazy mind.
Reviewer: Kakyuu

Review: The plot of the book is very interesting. The art is also very well done, with detailed drawings of fish and other sea animals. The only con about this book is that it seems to be 'rushed' through. Marine seems to remember practically all of her past in a matter of days, even though she didn't even remember how to swim or know what a fish was the other day. Also, the doctor, who is helping one of Kazuya's friend, seems to have his personality change over night. It's just a very rushed manga, but good none the less. The characters' profiles are a bit hazy and confusing at first, but comes together near the middle/end of the manga.


Plot: 7/10
Art: 8/10
Characters: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8.3/10
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