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I joined this a while ago, but no one updated, so I thought I had deleted it. But then I found it. And want to continue being a member! I think it's really cool that we have something to put down a manga and our opinion.. Here we go... My FAVORITE manga...


Name of Manga: Peach Girl (18 Volume's Total) (Split into two Series)

Author or Creator: Miwa Ueda

Plot of the story: Girl (Momo is her name) with Tan and Blonde hair is misunder stood a lot for being a slut. But aside that, she has to deal with her "friend" Sae.. Who loves makin' her life HELL. And then comes a Love Triangle. It's not easy being this chick!
Reviewer Name - either pen or real name

A review in paragrahs: Um... This is My FAVORITE series! This has everything tha I want in a manga! Romance, Comedy, Betrayal ^^ It's really good. If you like reading stories that are true to life and have teen isiues... then read it. The art isn't that good in Volume 1 but time after time... It gets really good! I really love this seris because of the Cliff-Hangers... you just HAVE to read whats next!

I really like it, and hope if you haven't you will... The girl in my icon is Sae, the betrayer! ^^

My Rate:  Out of Five Stars... 5 *****'s REALLY GOOD!!!! ^^ I <3 IT SO MUCH! I AM SO SAD IT'S OVER!

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