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Welcome to Mystic Reviews;
Mystic Reviews is a place to review mangas and anime. A group of people tell you, the readers, what their opinion was on the book or episode by reviewing it, hoping that you will use this when you purchase your next anime or manga.


Joining the Review Team;
If you would like to join, refer to this post. Follow the rules listed below, also. If you break one of the rules, you get 2 warnings then you get kicked out if the problem persists.


1. Minimum of one review every three [3] weeks.
2. Use proper grammar and punctuation in your review.
3. When reviewing, you can either review the series as a whole, or a specfic book/volume or episode.
4. Pen names are allowed, but you can also use your real/net name if you'd like.
4. Have fun! This isn't meant to be uptight, have a good time.


To see the reviewed animes/mangas, please click on the "memories" listed in the userinfo. Or click here for the archives. This will keep the community organized and easier for readers.